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What have you done today, to make you feel proud?

“What have you done today, to make you feel proud?” the text of this one of our song performances during our 10 Years and Proud concert beckons. This is Pride month, a time to acknowledge our accomplishments.

I received this message from my friend, Gregory Huff, a few weeks ago, which I would like to

share with you.

“Being a part of the team that organized the unveiling of the Harvey Milk forever stamp during LGBTQ Pride Month in June 2014 for the Newark NJ Main Post Office was one of the proudest moments of my postal career as an LGBTQ employee. After, I noticed there was nothing on the Smithsonian postal museum’s website about the issuance of the Harvey Milk stamp. So I wrote a letter to the people in charge, asking them to post that info on their website, and to create a permanent exhibit at the museum in Washington D.C. that highlights every LGBTQ person on US postage. No response. I knew about the memories project that the museum was doing, so I decided to submit my Harvey Milk stamp tribute to the museum, and it was accepted! So now all that is left is for the museum to create the permanent LGBTQ exhibit. I felt it is important for future researchers to find that we are included.”

Well done, Greg. I am proud of you. I am also to be a member of the Albany Gay Men's Chorus group, celebrating our 10th season. I am proud of each of you for being here to read this and share our celebration. Let us all be proud and grateful for what we have achieved together.

Tom Bubnack

Member at Large

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